Thursday, July 20, 2017

Whatsapp for windows desktop

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Image result for whatsappThis is the big news for window user that want to chat using your desktop, yeah, it's whatsapp for windows desktop. as you know that whatsapp become a popular messaging this time, so will you tell me you have no idea about whatsapp??

OK, just a little about whatsapp, that whatsapp is mobile messaging that get it's popular on android platform and growing up to another platform, windows is not it's exception too. that's way, whatsapp release it's windows application to make chatting more easier using physical keyboard, not just a little keyboard that sticky on your phone screen.

there was so many thing that I like and dislike from this software, but over all, this program is cool. it can help you stay connected with your friend through the internet.
but sometimes, we feel so lazy to tapping on mobile phone, we need bigger thing to type, and this is the answer, when you try it , you'll love it.

There some thing I like to this version is
- I have bigger part to type my message.
-you can work and tesxting without move to another platform

Something that i dislike is
- your phone data is must on.

that's it what i think about this new program, so you can decide to install it or not. have fun..
you can download on the provided link bellow

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