Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SMADAV : The Best Indonesian Antivirus

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Image result for smadavI would like to introduce you all our best Indonesian antivirus, it's called SMADAV. maybe you never heard about this antivirus, but if you consider to give a try to this antivirus, you'll never regret it.
when I try it for the first time, it's recover my hidden files that hide by a virus.
Yeah, I know that this antivirus is not stable enough, that why, the founder of this antivirus said it was "Antivirus dan proteksi tambahan" or Antivirus and additional protection of your antivirus. but, as long as I used computer, I'd never met an antivirus that can recover my file which hide by virus, this is the one and only for me, but if you seen another, tell me, I'll consider to give it a try.

This latest version of antivirus is 2017 rev. 11.5
they have
- add 353 virus database
- improved virus detection and cleaning shortcut virus (Bundpii)
- send user statistic to improve smadav database improvements
- improved auto-update, installation, install and uninstall
- fixing bug and false detection.

and, there was written that this antivirus has anti ransomware, this is the good news.. I think you can considering to give this antivirus a try.

some part that I do not like is (hope it's fix soon)
- freeze when detect a virus.
- force close
- can't auto update

that's all I think and you can download it

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