Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Git GUI program

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Do you ever heard about git?
Yeah, git is the most important program for programmers nowadays, because we can track everything we changed. Not just a programmer, student or designer can use this program. for the example, you do a job, and suddenly you want to make your task back like yesterday.. what should you do? if you are git user, you can just take it back with no worries, no matter it image or text file..

the big but is, cab you memorize all the git command, it was killing me when i try to memorize the command, therefore,
I looking for this software that can help you maintain your git repository, no worry about command..

1. Gitkraken
Gitkraken is javascript based application, ya, this program written in javascript, that's way its so beautiful. not just beautiful, this program is so powerfull too, it can handle your git memorizing problem.
Image result for gitkraken

2. Sourcetree
this is the best one I though, because this software give me full of feature like pull push, stash etc.
when I've to choose, I prefer source tree because, it one with bitbucket that give you free git hosting, it's really free. I love the GUI, it just so easy..
Image result for source tree

at this time, i just recommend that two item, because i use it on my office when i working..

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