Monday, July 17, 2017

Baby face's story

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Hello, everyone.
My name is Dwi Ahmad. yes, I am indonesian. I am not fluent in english, but I am trying to do this to improve my skill.
I just, want to share my experience to be a Baby Faces Boy.
when I am on facebook, my United States friend look at my 7 years ago alongside my current photo, he talks to me that, I am good, than I ask him, which one? he answered, both. when I tell him it was my 7 years ago picture, he was like, holly sh*t, you are not going old.
Yes, I am.....

When I am trying to open for bank account, the banker asks me, where's your school address? please man, I am 22 years old, OK, but some people said that I just like midle school student, I am not tall, my face small, and I am small.

That thing is not enough, when I try to get my ID card here, it's so difficult to do, my pain is tripled... no one believe me that I am 22 Y.O, OK I am done.

Some day, when the company that I worked in held a program, the instructor said that, I am the most baby faced here. Hell no, I am baby faced every where. no matter where I am, I am a children.

The funniest story is, when I hospitalized, the nurse said that I am cute, without she knows that I am grown enough to know what she's talking about, but I am not take it into my heart because I know you do not know, how old I am. she alway call me as, little brother, even though I am 22 Y.O.

I, uhm sometimes, afraid to make a relation ship with a girl, because, people will think, that I am is her lil bother, and I am so bad at it, that's way I am still single right now T_T.. I am dying at this time...

so, please do not do a bullying to baby faced people like me, we want to life like a normal people to, even though we aren't normal at all..

thank you to read my story, and wish you enjoy to bully me in your heart.. yeah, I know you do it to me...
haha, just kidding..

see you at my next post..

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