Wednesday, July 19, 2017

360 vs PANDA vs MCAFEE review

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For several days, I am searching for a good antivirus and I try 360, PANDA and MCAFEE all of them are best antivirus, but in this case, I want the best one. picking data from my few days research, I can tell to you about that antivirus on my opinion and by my experience using it.
I am using 3 GB RAM, intel pentium. so if I said it slow down my laptop it can be vary.

First, it's 360 total security security. this is good security, on the official website it's says that this antivirus can handle ransomeware that very booming now days by it's effect. honestly, this antivirus is good enough for home user, beside it is free, I think it can handle so many viruses. but I do not like this AV's behavior, Why???
this AV's always asking for would you like to allow or not? and this action always popping up so often. while another AV's delete the malware directly without asking so often. I do not know this problem because of me who do not understand or you feel it too.
this AV is easy to use, light and using bitdefender signature to prevent malware attack. but, when I use this, I should hit the check button to update, it is rarely update by it self...

honestly, this is my favorite AV. it has so many function including USB vaccine that help virus attack to USB drive, but it's little bit slow down my pc. 
it has so many ad on it, it makes me like "what the hell this AV".
but, I use it on my office computer, because it was free and I think, I'll give this AV chance to my computer as well.
EICAR test says that this AV take a long time to detect the test file.. 

My first impression is, it's so heavy, when I play a movie, my movie got lag. 
EICAR test says, it's not detect the test file until you try to open it or scan it by your selfe/...

OK guys, that was my reviews about the antiviruses that I use this entire week, so if you do not agree with me, please leave comment bellow..
thank you !!

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