Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MicroSoft Office PowerPoint viewer

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who one of you still use MS. Office 2007 ? i know that application is stable and very easy to use. beside that, many people lazy to make upgrade to lattest version. because why ? because they have to buy it again.

but if we in imagination world, we just imagine if microsoft office 2013 can be buy by leaf. a lot of us must be upgrade it to latest version.

but, it just imagination. but don't worry amigo. i have application that can help you. although just to open file from Office 2010 & 2013.
you can't edit and create with this application. but you can taste how beautiful effect of office 2013.

just imagine. if you have a home work to make powerpoint presentation, and at your home you just have office 2013. and how complicated if your school or office didn't have office 2013. the hurt is right here right ?

so, just install this program to computer that have not latest version of  powerpoint. and amazingly you can play your latest animation.

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