Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MicroSoft Office PowerPoint viewer

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who one of you still use MS. Office 2007 ? i know that application is stable and very easy to use. beside that, many people lazy to make upgrade to lattest version. because why ? because they have to buy it again.

but if we in imagination world, we just imagine if microsoft office 2013 can be buy by leaf. a lot of us must be upgrade it to latest version.

but, it just imagination. but don't worry amigo. i have application that can help you. although just to open file from Office 2010 & 2013.
you can't edit and create with this application. but you can taste how beautiful effect of office 2013.

just imagine. if you have a home work to make powerpoint presentation, and at your home you just have office 2013. and how complicated if your school or office didn't have office 2013. the hurt is right here right ?

so, just install this program to computer that have not latest version of  powerpoint. and amazingly you can play your latest animation.

fences icon fencer

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in indonesian, fences called pagar  or pembatas. that fence one icon to each other, at that picture I make my icon grouping by it use.
some time I feel bored with my desktop view. so I always make changes for my desktop. look like that picture. that picture is my current view.
otherwise, your icon look tidy and clean.

 this application is free from stardock. so you do not need crack or serial key to use it.
this application support windows Xp,vista,7 and 8. so do not wait even more. download it right here

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

proyek : C# Console 'simulasi mesin ATM'

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siang teman - teman ! karena beberapa hari yang lalu tugas proyek saya telah selesai saya buat, maka kali ini saya akan coba untuk mengeshare pada teman-teman.

awalnya saya sangat bingung mau buat aplikasi seperti apa. pertama ingin buat aplikasi ntuk gaji karyawan. tetapi sudah banyak kawan kawan yang buat seperti itu.

meskipun aplikasi ini tidak dapat di gunakan. tetapi ini penting untuk desain aplikasi kedepan nya.

download script isi
download script module
download script program

nb. isi dan module di letak kan dalam class.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

eset 6 free download

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ESET has released version 6 for their Antivirus and Smart Security products with Social Media Scanner included with other new features, both are available for download from their website -where ESET NOD32 Antivirus v6 includes optional anti-theft and ESET Smart Security v6 comes with new anti-phishing feature.
These two products offers improved malware cleaning and faster scanning, thanks to updated scan engine and the new Social Media Scanner feature  protects users against Facebook threats.
Social Media Scanner, standalone Facebook app from ESET has been integrated onto v6 of NOD32 Antivirus and Smart Security. This feature “protects social media users from malicious content, including their profile, wall, newsfeed and private messages, even when the user is not logged in.”
Anti-Theft (optional) feature helps to find your missing devices, you need to enable this after installing Smart Security on your Computer.
ESET Smart Security 6 user interface thumb ESET Smart Security 6 and NOD32 Antivirus 6 Released
This feature  “helps locate missing notebooks and makes it possible to monitor activity on lost or stolen devices, while the introduction of a dedicated Anti-Phishing module offers complex protection against digital identity theft.”
ESET Smart Security 6.0 key features
  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware & Antispam 
  • Anti-theft* & Personal Firewall
  • Parental Control, Anti-Phishing.
  • Social Media Scanner *
* means new feature.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6.0  offers anti-phishing along with Social Media Scanner as new features and below are other core features
  • Antivirus  &  Antispyware.
  • Gamer Mode.
  • Cloud-powered Scanning 
ESET Smart Security 6 offline/standalone installer
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 offline setup
Live/web installer for ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Antivirus.
Version 6 of ESET products works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
[Via ESET].
cara 1 (saya asumsikan kalau sobat belum menginstal antivirus esetnya)
  • jalankan eset pure fix klik enable

  • jangan ditutup,,,install eset smart security sobat,,
  • aktivasi 30 hari trialnya (menggunakan email)
  • update antivirus eset anda
  • tunggu sampai eset pure fix bertuliskan done/enable
  • reboot komputer sobat...

Cara 2 (apabila sobat blogger sudah terlanjur menginstall eset nya)

  • restar komputer sobat dan masuk ke safe mode (tekan F8)
  • jalankan eset pure fix klik enable
  • restar komputer sobat,,,selesai deh...hehe
sekian dulu post untuk kali ini selamat mencoba,,,he

Link download:

Monday, October 13, 2014

BetaCommerce blogger theme

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BetaCommerce is a perfect eCommerce solution for small business owners to quickly setup an online shopping store within minutes and start selling their products with ease. BetaCommerce Shopping Blogger Template provides you multiple options for customization, easy to use flexible admin panel, and tons of professional eCommerce solution plus features. It is suitable for every online shopping site, showcase and even portfolio. This theme could be the turning point of your online business.

Features of BetaCommerce Shopping Blogger Template:

  • 100% Pure Responsive: It has become a standard, that's why this template is complete responsive with almost all devices including Android, iPhone, Tablets, Desktops and etc.
  • PayPal Payment Method: PayPal is one of the most trusted and used payment method by online buyers. Therefore, this theme supports PayPal integration. To integrate PayPal in this theme, you just need to input your PayPal Email address and that's it. For more details please check out documentations.html in your downloaded package.
  • Billing System: To be able to create a professional Shopping store in Blogger, we must need to have all the information of the buyer i.e. address, phone no, no of items bought and etc. Therefore before anyone can proceed to payment he must have to fill a billing form that will store all the information for you. All these information will then be mailed to your email address attached with that blog.
  • Newsletter Feedburner Widget: Just to keep your users updated with new products, we have also added a newsletter feedburner widget that would be helpful for increase more product sales.
  • Featured Image Slider: Every online shopping store needs a featured area to showcase latest and discount products to increase their sales. This theme comes with a image slider that can easily be customized or edit with ease.
  • Testimonial Page:To make a business success, reviews of users play's a key role. Therefore, we have also added a testimonial page where you can add reviews and views of your customers..
  • Review Your Cart: Just before, users can proceed to payment they can also review the products they are going to buy. They can remove any product before pushing to payment.
  • We are really hoping this template would be useful for independent business owners looking to kick start their online shopping store in blogger. This theme comes with Admin Panel that you can access from the layout area. If you like this theme then, do share it with your friends working with blogger.