Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset with Microphone (Blue) From Sades

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Product Description

●Primary kind of gaming headset ●Unique style of shape, as well as hidden microphone for stylish display ●Premier SADES-AFV volume control with extra Mic-muted function ●Four cool colors for your option ●Standard 40mm Hi-Fi driver, well-defined trebles ●Soft PU leather cushion head-pad and ear-pad for wearing comfort ●Loudhailer diameter:40mm(NdFeB) ●Frequency range: :20~20.000Hz ●Sensitivity:113±3dB at 1kHz ●Impedance:16 Ohm at 1khz ●Max Input power:30mW (maximum) ●Mic Dimension:6.0*5.0mm ●Plug:3.5mm gold-plated plug ●Mic Sensitivity:-54dB +/- 3 dB ●Magnet size:Φ15.5 x 2.0mm ●Cable length:Approx.2.2m ●Approximate Weight: 300g/ 0.66lbs ●Distortion:≤5% THD

Product Details

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Sades
  • Model: #H132B
  • Dimensions: 3.00 pounds


  • Style: 3.5mm Games Gaming Headset for PC Laptop
  • Primary kind of gaming headset
  • Unique style of shape, as well as hidden microphone for stylish display
  • Standard 40mm Hi-Fi driver, well-defined trebles
  • Soft PU leather cushion head-pad and ear-pad for wearing comfort

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews
162 of 172 people found the following review helpful.
5Good Value
By Matthuff
Had problems with my old headset which was really cheap (10$?) so I decided to try this one out as I liked the look of it. First let me say this particular one is shipped from china and takes several weeks before it will arrive, it came on oct. 23rd and est. shipping was oct 31st-Nov 11th. So far so good, its comfortable has great sound and the mic works very well. At first I was concerned because the actual mic is pretty far away from your mouth and is only adjustable up and down, so there is no way to get it closer to your mouth. However people have said that it sounds great although I still feel the need to speak loudly just in case. The other thing that I liked about it was that the mic folds up into the earcup so when not in use it isnt sticking out and I dont have to worry about my 2 year old stepping on it or messing with it. Being only 20$ so far I am impressed but only time will tell if this product will keep the 5 star rating I gave it. Hope this helps.
78 of 85 people found the following review helpful.
5Best headset for gaming/music.
By Deborah K. Bateman
I have been an online gamer for several years and have used countless types of headsets/mics always to be disappointed...THIS one is by far the best I have used. I have used Logitech, Turtle Beach and Skull Candy over the years and I'm super happy with this one!
44 of 53 people found the following review helpful.
5Nice Sound
By Amazon Customer
Got the headset and tried it on with some Dubstep with some bass... I was really surprised at the sound quality. Good bass and clear. Haven't tried out the mic yet as I like old style headsets for music that don't have that piece that sticks in and hurts your ear. They are nice and comfortable for home use.

They are NOT really meant to be taken on trips as I am a student and they are not ideal for carrying in a backpack. They don't fold up to be any smaller, they are a constant size.

It has a control on the chord as shown in the picture that is awfully close to your head so if you are sitting at a desk it dangles a bit and gets in the way.

Despite this, I still like them and believe that they are a great buy at $20 and I would do it again if I had to.
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