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Plantronics .Audio 326 Stereo PC Headset From Plantronics

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Product Description

- Plantronics binaural headset- Watch video listen to music or stream in a Podcast in full-range stereo. - Noise-canceling microphone boosts speech clarity - Convenient in-line controls let you adjust music volume and microphone volume or mute the microphone with just a touch- Lightweight and flexible the headset is fortable for hours- Pillow-soft swivel-mounted ear cushions focus stereo sound for maximum enjoyment- An adjustable boom lets you bring the microphone close for conversation. Rotate it out of the way when listening to music or watching DVDsPL.AUDIO326

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Plantronics
  • Model: Plantronics .Audio 326
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 9.75" h x 2.56" w x 8.75" l, .8 pounds


  • Full-range stereo sound
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Convenient in-line controls for music and microphone volume or mute
  • Lightweight and comfortable for hours
  • Boom stows discreetly when not in use

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews
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5Yes, it IS perfect!
By She is
I have never worn such a perfectly fitting headset in three decades. It is snug without being tight. The earphones are convex (rounded out) so that the pressure is distributed more gently over the rims of the ears while at the same time focusing the sound right into your ears and getting the best filtration of outside ambient noise (without shutting it out entirely, which is important to me, as I do need to hear what is going on in airports and at home, though I want it pushed into the background).

The sound coming through the earphones and through the microphone are both superb -- clear, deep and resonant speech, reception and recording. It's hard to believe how good it is, considering this is, technically speaking, a "low-end", light-weight, computer headset. If only it were collapsible/foldable, too! (There are other versions that are.)

The cable is super-long, about 7' all let out, and a bit thicker than most, with solid seals at every connection, including the in-line controls, so it doesn't look like they will pull apart or be damaged very easily, which is usually what goes wrong first with many headsets.

As for the packaging, it's one of those super-tough, vandal-proof, hard-plastic enclosures, BUT this one has a hinge-seam at the bottom that is easy to cut, unlike most such packages.

All told, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this headset and extreeeemely pleased with my purchase at a ridiculous bargain price the day I found it.
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5Perfect item for me.
By Zuz
When I bought a new PC several years ago, I signed on to Skype service to communicate with my children who live overseas. With the PC microphone and speakers, the sound quality was marginally adequate. And moving around in my chair affected the sound from my microphone heard by the other party. I decided try the Plantronics stereo headset based on information gleaned from various sources. During my first use of the headset, the other party commented on how clear my voice sounded. The result was the same at my end. And the long cord provided with the headset gave me ample room to move about during the conversation. For my purposes, it has worked out perfectly.
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4FInally!!! Binaural Headset I can use while on the treadmill.
By Rikki B. Schwartz
It took me several HOURS of searching online to finally find a headset (with good reviews) that would allow me to talk on the phone while on the treadmill! Who would have thought it would be that difficult to find a) a **BINAURAL** headset (wherein BOTH of my ears are covered, thereby cancelling out the very loud noises of my fan and treadmill); and b) a **noise-reducing** microphone (again, reducing the fan and treadmill noises for my listener). I received it with great anticipation, and after playing with the adjustments a bit (found that earphone volume all the way up, but microphone volume at "medium" allows me AND the listener to have optimal reception), I can now talk on the phone and walk or run on the treadmill without any problems. It was worth the search - especially for the price. But DON'T FORGET everyone (if you plan to use these for your telephone) to get the "Headset Buddy Adapter: PC Headset to Phone Adapter PC35-PH25" - which converts the *dual* 3.5mm male ends of these headphones to a *single* 2.5mm male end (to fit into your phone's single female connector). Also, don't forget, that if you plug everything in and you can't hear your phone's dialtone, you probably have the right male jack plugged into the left female connector of the Adapter and vice versa (which I may or may not have done ;0)
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