Thursday, September 4, 2014

how to solve phisics with C# script

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Hi, i'll try to write how to solve phisics with C# script. firstly you have to download Microsoft visual studio 2012. because i used it too. my teacher say "visual studio 2012 more compatible with all program and windows 7. than visual studio 2013"
ok, we start our lesson
firstly i have to declare the component of  wide element

int panjang, lebar, luas;
panjang = 30 (or up to you);
lebar = 20 (or up to you);

luas = panjang * lebar;
console.writeline("the answer is :{0}", luas);

look like this picture
and if you type ctrl + F5 it should appeared windows look like this

ok, thank you for reading and don't forget to leave a message.

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