Sunday, September 14, 2014

how speak like american

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clip_image001Hello, good morning everybody. This blog is designed for English article only for now and forever. If you want to read the Indonesian version, you can click here. Ok, I will try to explain how to read and speak English as American. Before that, I’ll ask you a question !

Clue !

If someone can speak three language called Trilingual

Someone who talk two language called Bilingual

And, how we call people who just speak one language ?

Can’t you guess it ? alright, the answer is “American”. Because American didn’t need the other language to go to other country. Why ? almost a whole world learning english America to speak with their friend from another world.

Maybe just several people of british and American who learn another language, please leave comment if you “American who speak another language” I’ll so happy if you do that !

Ok, we will start the topic.

“how to read English as American” this trick is originally from me. If there is false, please notice me. Ok !

1st . how you read better in English ? me, as Indonesian read it “berrer” but you have to speak it fastly to make it look like American voices. Just practice it “berrer”

2nd . betty, how you read it ? I read it “berry” just speak it fastly and you make English accent.

3th . how you read little ? is it difficult ? no, just read it “liel” . as always, you have to speak it fastly to get right intonation !


ok, if you have another, post it down in comment box !

thank you dude !

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