Wednesday, September 10, 2014

application to change wallpaper from bing automaticly

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hi blogger, how are you to day. hope you at good condition
now, i'll try to share application to change wallpaper automaticly from
do you ever see how beautiful wallpaper that provided by
if you didn't believe lets check it out to
the wallpaper very awesome
Bing - this application is provided by microsoft, this software is compatible with windows. it so i use it to my computer. this application make your wallpaper change directly every day without your command. so, try it out now.
Wallpaper Downloader - this app is 3rd party company who made it. this software is free, but if you need more wallpaper from old bing. you have to purchase about $5. advantage of this app is you can save your daily picture to your drive

if you courius about how i use it. i use a both of them. i can change my wallpaper daily and save it for next

Schreen shot :

Link Download :
Status (tested on windows 8.1)

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