Sunday, April 20, 2014

How To Make Nokia Become Modem

  No comments – thank you for visiting my blog. all people from over the world, such as Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, American, Mexican and other country that i can't mention one by one. this time, i'll try to post about make your nokia phone as modem. may be a lot of you know this trick, but i post it for someone like you . ok, first of all you must have nokia with GPRS system. second, the phone must have bluetooth or cable data. third, you must have Nokia Suite.
Data Cable
install nokia suite at your computer system, conect your phone with data cable. your phone will ask you, and you have to choose “Suite”. if your phone had been conected, please click “connect now” botton on left side. and foila, your computer connect with internet without modem.
if you haven't data cable, don't be worry. because, nokia suite support bluetooth connection. before you open suite, you have to activete your phone bluetooth. without Bla Bla Bla your phone was connected with your PC. after that please click “connect now” botton on left side.
Screen Shot :
Download :
Status (tested on windows 8.1 with bluetooth)

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