Friday, December 27, 2013

movie story telling : brave

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    long, long time ago there was a king family, the king was named king fergus. he have a wife, she named queen elinor. theyhave a doughter named merida of three litle brother named harris, hamish and rubert. one day, they go out from the castle to celebrate merida's birth day. fergus give her a bow and arrows. he train her daughter to archering. once, the arrows was missed to the jungle, the queen ask merida to take it. merida ran to the jungle and she saw a wisp, will-'o-the-wisp. as many people say. if you follow your wisp. you will coming to your destiny. as people say, merida follow her wisp, and, suddenly she screaming loudly. there was a giant bear name mord'u. her father try to defend his family and ask elinor to run away with merida.
     many yearslatter, merida become an older sister of three twin brother called the triplets. one day, the queen have a plan to match merida with one of three clan, there was dingwall, macguffin and macintosh. but merida refuse it and runaway from castle and arive to the rounded rock. she saw a wisp for two times, and merida follow it and she coming to unknown place. she aw a small house. merida come in and there was a witch. merida ask the witch to make a spell to hange her mother. the witch agreed. after came home, merida gave the spelled cake to her mother, her mother directly become a bear, giant bear. merida remember something. her father very hate a bear, and she let her mother bear to run from castle. but, it was late. her father know and hunt both of her.
     merida let her mather to the witch, but the witch was gone. she founded a letter from a witch, "strenght the bound and ask your apologize. and don't forget. if your mother not become human again before second sunrise, your mother will become bear forefer. merida cried for first time, and ask for apologize. but, it was late. the second sunrise was coming. merida hug her mother bear. sudenly, human hand hug merida. merida surprising. it was her mother. she become human again. and life with the king hapily forever after........

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